150 GS VS5



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GIVEN Matricolare:

Start of production: 1958 - 0047351 VS5T

Term production: 1961 - 00,127,350 VS5T



Engine: derived from the Vespa Sport Six Day. Engine framework (bore and stroke 57 x 57); displacement 145.6 cc. Piston convex devoid of baffle powered gasoline-oil mixture 6%. Since No. 0070120 engine is mounted a head high turbulence (called a cap jockey) to make the engine more elastic (regime 7000 g / min).

Candle: a long thread and thermal grade 240 due to the compression of 1 / 6.7 and the high number of revolutions.

Carburetor: from engine No. VS5M0070120 it is mounted a new one dellorto UB 23S3I always pan side directly above the cylinder, 105 main jet and jet 40 min.

Transmission: 4-speed transmission.

A ccenzione: by flywheel 6 pole. High voltage coil with external primary circuit powered by a special coil inside the flywheel.

Electrical system: mixed with battery 6 V - 12 Ah to feed horn and lights, charged with metallic new rectifier for a better charging of the battery; implantation stop as in vs4.

Fr ition: reinforced to adapt it to the performance, the discs are of larger diameter as well as the springs and all the other elements of the clutch assembly. Even the gear flexible coupling has greater dimensions.

Brakes: to facilitate the cooling of the drums are used internally ventilated while the inner jaws are identical to the previous version.


Chassis: Unchanged from the version of the 56 'with scudettino front piaggio in clear plastic.

Pockets: bonnet with fixing hook again in mirror polished aluminum with curved shape for the quick release.

Front fender: wraparound beaded bottom reinforcement and frieze of new design mirror polished.

Handlebar: cast aluminum with large lighthouse (D 115 mm) and built-in internal transmission cables. The switch is a flat key and a knife as well as serving for the starting contact also serves to turn on the headlights and switch to the left for the sidelights and right for the position lights and low / high beam. The change of light is secured to a switch attached to the right of manubbrio and in which is incorporated the horn button that in this model function with direct current. A red light above the round speedometer indicates the lights on and then will be eliminated in the models since 1960.

Odometer: new fan shape and frame in stainless steel climbed to 120 km / h with backlight 6 volt 0.6 W.

Tail: early models like the previous version but with the carcase chrome but of the same color of the wasp. It later became chrome and large and with transparent position / stop red with reflector brand siem.

Sella: less rigid color very dark blue with gray border and a different shape with boundary passenger later in 1960 secured by two screws and not with carabiners.

Reservoir: at the level of the frame with a capacity 9.5 liters including reserves and closure cap with classic screw.

Faro: D 115 mm with new ring different from previous chrome ring marked siem caps integreta.

Wheels: tire front and rear 3.50-10 with new wheels (identical rear and front) ring dismantled by 5 bolts secured with nuts 8mm prisoners drum. A stud of stainless steel covers the central bolt of the drums.

Brake pedal: cast aluminum polished with black rubber stop and switch the type to leave gray mounted in front of the pedal itself.

Lever set in motion: long aluminum polished with non-slip rubber.


Chrome plating: carabiners and engagement rings handle saddle ring headlight, screws brake and clutch levers, nut picture ignition lock bag for gear, horn.

Nickel matte: steering lock.

Galvanizing: tripod springs and brackets, spring suspension antriore, rims and wheel nuts, all hardware outside, washer block set in motion, mounting brackets battery.

Phosphating: rear shock, spring and bracket, engine bolts, cover rectifier.

Mirror polishing: Brake and clutch lever, handlebar muffs, lever set in motion, crest front wing, brake pedal, the engine bag hook, hook compartment.



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