Vespa GTS 300 Super


The last wasp Dynasty sport born at Piaggio Vespa 300 Super GST which inherits most of all the evolutionary characteristics of elegance / sportsmanship that over the years have followed different models from the GS.


The Vespa GTS 300 Super is now considered the top version of the Vespa: Super in name and in fact. Performance is almost maxi: the new engine of 278 cc Quasar has a power almost equal to the GTS 250 (21.5 CV against 21,3CV of 250) but the horses come first (at 7500 rpm instead of 8500) and, above all c 'is much more torque (22.3 against 20.1 Nm) also obtained a lower speed (5000 rpm instead of 6500). It does not change however the classic, comfortable driving position with vespistica torso straight and fully exposed to (a must windshield winter) and so much legroom. The platform is large and well exploited, the meticulous finish and the differences compared to the 250 GTS are few but well-aimed: limited range of colors to black and white again, grille on the right side (as GS in the past), two-tone wheels, red spring the shock front and riding profile ribbassato and black with white piping. In practice this super GTS is a kind of mini cooper S Cycle, elegant outside but inside sports. Unfortunately, the price is super (4600 EUR), albeit justified by the overall quality and the high value of used. with the release of this model is the GTS 250 came in 250 as a sports version of the GT, becomes the base model of the Vespa large size.


How are you
Climb aboard, start the engine and then hold on to the handlebars well before you open the throttle: the GTS Super is a true "off" bike. Thanks to a transmission point, the 300 snaps and starts wildly almost sporty, but without vibration and noise exhaust very conternuto. The steel body is never still in crisis: the Super is stable and well-balanced, you can even make "folds" discrete. Unchanged even agility, it slips effortlessly even in busy city traffic. The braking system is not equipped with integral system and is very powerful, perhaps too: even if you have to operate it easily controllable with a bit of attention, especially in the wet. And to have a minimum of comfort on the highway, it is recommended that at least the small windshield already offered as an option for the GTS. The underseat storage is large but irregular and in fact there are two helmets DEMIJET but Jet. The instrumentation is complete with a dashboard rather large and easy to read: the available information, the indicator of fuel level, coolant and the 'clock. Details sportiveggianti are also to be found in the saddle with white piping on the right side where there is a horizontal grid that recalls the sporty models of the past, and where sull'ammortizatore is prominently spring red.

In short

  • Confort: traveling on velvet thanks to comfortable seating and spacious riding position apt and vibration. With the windshield becomes perfect.
  • Road: suitable for all, both mixed circuits that short that highway and tangential. The engine has quick acceleration, the maneggievolezza is a reference for other scooter of the same engine capacity and stability at speed but be careful with the tires as standard: they have a great grip.
  • Safety: holds well even on uneven. The braking system is powerful: eye, however, the front, sometimes too exuberant. The ABS is not yet available.
  • Well worth the money? Yes, although cosata dear GTS super is built and refinita really good, performs well even for long trips and always sells very well.



Engine: 4-stroke single cylinder Quasar

Displacement: 278 cc

Cooling: Liquid

Power supply: ignezione

Transmission: Automatic

Power: 21.5 hp (15.8 kW) /7.500 laps

Torque: 22.3 Nm / 5,000 rpm

Front brake disc

Rear brake disc

Top speed: 125 km / h

Average consumption: 4.6 l / 100 km

Average autonomy: 170 km before reserve

Color: Glossy black or montebianco


Seat height: 79 cm

Wheelbase: 137 cm

Length: 193 cm

Weight: 149 kg dry

Front tire: 120/70 - 12 "

Rear tire: 130/70 - 12 "

Fuel tank capacity: 9 l

Reserve: 2 l

To buy it

Price: 4,600 €

Delivery: Immediate

Customer information: 800.818298